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This Program is basically designed for the Canadian Employers who can’t able to find a right Candidate in between their own people. This Program actually a kind of helping hand of the Canadian Government to help the Employers of their country which enables them to get a well qualified and talented Candidates from the Overseas or from the foreign Candidates who are already living in Canada on a Temporary basis.


There are total 3 subprograms are there under AIPP:

  • Atlantic- International Graduate Program

The people who want to apply under this category must have any past degree from any one of the Atlantic Provinces 

  • Atlantic- High Skilled Program

This Category is high skilled category so to apply under this category you must have 1 year full time experience in the last 3 years in the NOC level of 0/A/B with the valid Degree.

  • Atlantic -intermediate-skilled program

This category is basically for NOC level of C category occupations and for the Nursing profiles.

Each Sub Program having a different Eligibility criteria, and accordingly you need to check your best fit category to apply in.

This is totally in the Employers hand that to whom they want to hire. Before they can give any offer to any foreign candidate, company needs to come under the designated list of the particular Atlantic province where they want to hire that Candidate.

After giving the Job Offer to the Candidate, Employer with the collaboration of the hired candidate will do the required steps to complete the application under the AIPP and If Government Satisfies then Candidate will get the PR Status in Canada.


There are total 4 provinces of Canada participating under this AIPP Program

  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Brunswick
  • New Found land and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia

Hence Employer needs to designated themselves under these communities.

This is the complete AIPP Program, if you want to know more about the same, then you can share your updated resume with your query at or you can simply fill this Enquiry form here, and our well qualified team will connect with you to give you a right guidance.


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