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Apply for Canadian PR Visa and get the visa if you want to have the world on your platter!


If your dream destination is Canada and you really want to get or want to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa Status then first you need to know about all the things related to the Canada PR Process
  1. What is a Canada PR Visa?

The Canada PR Visa offers Indian skilled people to work and settle in Canada on a permanent basis. People who are looking for their future in Canada and want to grow their career in Canada can apply for their Canada PR application from Moving to Abroad
People can change their status from Indian citizenship to Canadian citizenship after given 3 years of time completion in Canada on a PR.
  1. What is the Validity of the Canada PR Visa?
Canada Permanent Resident Visa validity is 5 years. One can renew this visa as well.
  1. What is the benefit of the PR Visa of Canada?

As a permanent resident, you and your dependents:
a).Get the wonderful right to obtain majority of social benefits that the citizens of the country enjoy, comprising the highly helpful healthcare coverage.
b).Get the right to reside, provide your professional services to any firm anywhere across the nation, and pursue studies anywhere in the Maple Leaf Country. c). Receive the right to submit an application for the nation’s citizenship, post spending the obligatory period in the country as a permanent resident. If you live in the hotspot with a PR Visa for just three years, out of the previous five years, and fulfill other requirements, you can successfully apply for the nation’s citizenship. d). Get protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  1. Visa allows to both Main Applicant & the spouse to work full time in Canada.
  2. It allows free education for their children, health facilities to their family.

To enjoy these rights and privileges, as a permanent resident, it is mandatory that you give your taxes on time, and respect each and every laws of the nation, at all levels, namely, the federal, provincial and municipal.
  1. How to Get Canada Permanent Resident Visa?
If you are looking for Canada Visa then you have to go through the Canada PR Process. Moving2abroad is having years of well experienced and well qualified team who helped thousands of people to get PR Visa. Moving2abroad look forward to help and accomplish your goal and future at Canada and will provide you suggestion and list of programs as per your individual profile.
  1. What is the Eligibility requirement to apply for Canada PR through Express Entry?
For getting a PR visa an applicant must score 67 points out of 100. Points are divided into your 6 individual categories mentioned below:
Age 12
Education 25
Work Experience 15
Language 28
Adaptability 10
Employment 10
  1. How to apply for a Permanent Resident visa of Canada step by step?
It requires a simple process of application. So, please read the following steps very carefully:
Step 1: Educational Credential Assessment
Through Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), first your education will be assessed as compare with the Canadian Education system.

 Step2:Report of Language Proficiency Once an applicant is done with the Educational Credential Assessment, one needs to have a language proficiency report score. The report elaborates that the applicant’s English or French skills are good as per the Government requirement.

Step3:Filling up an Express entry Application (EOI Filing)
Now in the third step, an applicant needs to create their EOI which means one needs to create his own profile in the Express Entry pool which shows that Candidate is having an interest to immigrate to Canada.

Step 4:Get CRS Score After Candidate will submit their EOI filing then your complete profile will be calculated in points out of 1200 which will be called your individual CRS Score.

Step 5:Express Entry Draw Generally in every 15 days, Government releases cut off CRS draws to select the Immigration Candidates. If Cutoff CRS Score and candidate individual CRS Score will be match then Candidate will receive the ITA i.e. invitation from the Government side to complete their PR Application.

Step 6: Invitation to Apply When you get an invitation from Express Entry Draw, it means that you are above a specified rank. Now you have 60 days to apply for Permanent Resident/PR.

Step 7:Last stage of PR Application This is the last stage where you need to submit all the required documents as per the instruction given in your ITA Letter. Your document will be processed in 6 months generally. When it gets approved, you will get the PR stamping in your passport.
  1. What is the Processing Time for a Canada PR?
It generally takes 6 months to process the Canada PR Visa application.
  1. What are the different programs of Canada through which one can apply for the Permanent Residency as per their fit?
The Programs through which one can apply for the Permanent residency of Canada are: -Express Entry Program -Quebec Skilled Worker Program -Canada Provincial Nominee Programs – Canadian Experience Class -Federal Skilled Worker Program -Federal Skilled Trade Program – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
  1. How can moving2abroad help you get a PR visa in 6 months?
Moving2abroad is India’s Finest Visa consultant and immigration firm where it helps people to get Permanent Residency in Canada. It works with specialized team who understand the value the overseas dreams of the people which is actually not only their dreams but this is linked with their family and future growth. There are so many people who want to stay in Canada may it be a businessperson, individual, investors, startups, students, or families. All cases are handled by our well qualified and experienced professionals. As they are highly qualified in dealing with the Government officials of both the countries that are India and Canada.

How to Apply for Canada PR Visa & Become a Permanent Resident of Canada? What Visa Options Are Available?

Numerous easy-to-follow PR Visa programmes–Express Entry Category, Business Immigration, Family Class Immigration, Canadian Experience Class, and Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs)–are up-for-grabs. Every specific class represents a lawful way to receive the prized Permanent Resident standing in the country. You can use any of these to successfully apply for Canadian PR Visa.

Check with your visa & immigration advisor–dealing with Canada immigration–to figure how you can successfully apply for Canadian PR Visa and move to the popular destination with ease and speed!

Summary: Apply for Canadian PR Visa, get the cherished visa, and have the world on your platter!

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