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Apply for Canadian PR Visa and get the visa if you want to have the world on your platter!


Canada PNP is a fast-track method of getting the PR Visa, Every province is having a different and unique criteria to select the Candidates. If you will get nomination through any of the province, then you will get the 100 percent of the chances of getting the Invitation from the Canadian Government, because nomination letter will give you 600 additional points at the time of applying PR Visa from the federal Government.

Geographically speaking, the Maple Leaf Country is a huge nation and it is neatly divided into 10 provinces and 2 territories. Much like other developed destinations of the world–such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, etc. – Canada, too, needs migrants, especially those who are skilled and who can make a positive difference to the Canadian economy.

The nation’s ageing and thin population means the requirement for the talented and enterprising young workers is perpetually high in the country for the various job profiles.   

And so, no wonder, the nation and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), run numerous easy-to-follow visa plans–both at the federal and the provincial levels. The ones managed at the provincial levels are known as the Canada PNP Programs (PNPs). PNP means Provincial Nominee Programme.

Contrary to the widespread belief held on the subject by many of the so-called experts and those in-the-know, the Canada PNP Programs is not only the fastest but also the least difficult programme in the country for the object of getting PR in the nation, and this distinction does not go to the the Express Entry Programme.

The PNPs enable the different provinces and territories of the country to proffer the prized nomination to those keen to move to the famed global hotspots, and who are keen in settling in a specific Canadian province or territory.

As mentioned before, every 10 province and the 2 Canadian territory of the nation has its own unique PNPs. Quebec is an exception; it has a totally different selection structure. The involved provinces & territories sign agreements with the IRCC. It permits them to pick-up those immigrants who fulfill the different requirements that they have.

The various provincial and territorial administrations of the nation have been utilizing these schemes to more effectively and efficiently roll out a red carpet welcome to the newcomers to their area. Every PNP is perfectly tailored and molded to the province’s/territory’s particular requirements, to choose the nominees who will be in a position to settle into life and work in the area, and to successfully make handy contributions to the society.

Now most Canada PNP Programs have not less than 1 immigration category duly associated with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system even as these are called ‘enhanced’ nominations.

Express Entry PNP–How to Use It?

It is easy. At the time of generating a new Canada Express Entry profile, specify which particular provinces or territories are on your radar, for the object of moving and settling. Instead of unresponsively cooling your heels for any one of these provinces to offer you a “notification of interest”, directly submit an application for a nomination under a particular category.

Going after the best available PNP stream(s), via Express Entry, will dramatically–and decisively–swell your chances of being admitted to submit an application for the much sought after Permanent Residency in the country.

Yes, getting an enhanced nomination certificate from a PNP Programs for Canada will offer you adequate points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of Express Entry, and thanks to it, your chances of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) at the time of the subsequent draw will be very high!

It is a key factor why many aspirants frequently keep the professional services of an expert Canada immigration agent, at the time of making an entry into the Express Entry pool.

A skilled agent or advisor has the required expertise and know-how to match your specific abilities, education, and experience to the perfect Canadian PNP stream, and will even dwell on the province’s goal figure of nominations for every category at the time of finding which ones provide you the finest chance for success.

Since Moving to Abroad has a battery of competent and skilled visa advisors, who are proven experts in handling Express Entry cases, especially the ones that also involve the Canada PNP Programs, contact the consultancy TODAY!

For Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada, in a swift and hassle-free manner, the Canada PNP Programs will be a very good option for you.

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