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Quebec is one of the provinces in Canada. Just like other provinces, Quebec is also having a unique and different program but the major difference is that this program is not comes under PNP Program of Canada, because Quebec runs their individual program to select the Candidates for the PR of Canada which is called “Quebec Skilled Worker Program”.

Quebec Skilled worker Program has a 2nd name as well, which is called “Regular Skilled Worker Program” by the Quebec Government.

As because Quebec is the province where you will get more than 90 percent of people French speakers and this is the main reason that Quebec is having its unique program.

The Government of Canada has given a complete right to the Quebec province to set their own rules, procedures and guidelines to selecting the Immigrants to protect their French language and culture.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is actually for the globally talented skilled workers who are interested to migrate in the Quebec Province to support this province socially and economically.

This program have not the mandatory requirement of French Language, Strong English Language speaker also can apply for this program.

This is because Canada is having two official Languages i.e. French and English.


Previously QSWP is having a first come first serve point based eligibility system but After the new regulation of Quebec on 2nd August 2018, new online portal has introduced called ARRIMA PORTAL which is the replacement of the previous system.

Arrima is actually an online system to submit the EOI in Quebec. Through this portal any foreign national interested in Quebec can submit their Expression of Interest to the Quebec Government.

From September 2018 itself anyone interested in the Quebec migration can submit their application in the Quebec Arrima.

In this new system, anyone can submit their application anytime through regular program and Government has also reduced its processing time as compare to its previous system.


  1. Anyone with more than 18+ age can apply for this program.
  2. Minimum Language requirement is CLB 4 in English and NCLC 4 in French (Any one Language to apply is enough/ If you have knowledge of both then this will give you an added advantage to attract the immigration officer)
  3. Skilled Worker which means anyone with the NOC level of 0, A, B or C can apply
  4. Must meet Quebec Financial Requirements i.e. Proof of Funds
  5. Must be Medically fit
  6. Must have clear record



  1. Check your Eligibility mentioned above
  2. Submit your EOI (Expression of interest) in Arrima
  3. Wait for the Selection
  4. Submit Documents
  5. Get CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) letter
  6. Later can apply for PR on the federal government website after getting the CSQ letter.
  7. Get Visa



As per the CIC News Government of Quebec is saying every time, that they can select a candidate either on the basis of point system or as per their labor market needs.


  1. Previously to submit the EOI, in the eligibility there was a point based system and if you have minimum of 50 points (Single) or 59 points (with partner) then only one can submit their EOI or application to the Quebec Government To apply for the CSQ
  2. Now after the replacement of the previous first come first serve system, in arrima portal, anyone with 18+ age can submit their EOI online to the Quebec Government.

Hence in the Eligibility part there is no point system

  1. After you will submit your profile in Arrima, your profile will get select by the Quebec Government either on a point based system of 50 points (for single) or 59 points (with spouse) or they will select as per their labor market needs requirement.

Hence, there is a point system in the selection part, not in the eligibility requirement

  1. If you will be invited to apply for the CSQ then Candidates will be having 90 days to submit, upload and complete the application.



  1. For Main Applicant- 812 CAD
  2. For spouse/ for each dependent child- 174 CAD


If you are interested to apply for the Canada PR visa under Regular Skilled worker Program (Quebec Skilled Worker Program) then kindly fill this Enquiry form, and Moving to Abroad will connect with you for the free counseling as per your profile.





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